Wednesday, May 30, 2007

GoDaddy automated payment

My GoDaddy account is still auto-billing me $7 each month for hosting I decided I'll bite the bullet and pay for a full year to get the couple bucks off. I'll see about calling them this afternoon to make the change (they are surprisingly nice and very helpful over the phone). But I'm always a little scared of anything "long-term" with internet / phone / whatever stuff. They always seem to come back around and bite ya in the ass...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is an RSS feed?

The topic came up at work, and I knew the most out of the three or four of us that were chatting together. I knew it was "some sort of subscription thing where you'll get automatic alerts when there are updates to a site or a podcast or something." So, I felt kinda okay knowing that much, but of course, it made me realize I really don't know about RSS feeds.

So, now I do! A little research, a little checking things out, and now I know that RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and you need a "feed reader" or an aggregator to use them. I asked around and looked into what those are, and I'm making it my goal this week to download Mozilla Thunderbird so I can get on board with pulling in RSS feeds, as well as possibly accessing my Gmail accounts through there. My buddy was telling me that he uses an aggregator for his IM, too, so maybe I'll ditch my Yahoo! Messenger and go through Thunderbird for that as well (if it has that capability... We shall see).