Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A lecture from a Senator who doesn't LOL

I was driving around the other day and landed on a public radio station that was airing a speech by Joe Lieberman. He was going on about the shameful content in video games and on the internet and all that stuff like he always does, so I stopped to listen.

After he finished, a woman Senator came on (from Minnesota, I think). She opened her remarks by relating a story about a talk she gave at a college recently. She said she was discussing the internet and kids and whatever, and a smarty-pants college kid asked her "Do you even know what LOL means?" And she admitted to him that she didn't. After the talk, her twelve-year-old daughter explained what LOL meant and told her mom she was sooooo embarrassed by her. Hahaha, she laughed and made it out to be a cute story, and then continued her speech.

Well, she eventually got to a part in her speech where she started admonishing parents for letting kids access inappropriate content online. And she talked about how parents need to watch out about what video games their kids are playing, spend time on the internet with your kids, know what they know, etc (all stuff I'm trying to do).

So, I guess the point is just how ironic it is that this woman was going on about being involved in our kids' high-tech world and literally saying how we don't spend enough time understanding or relating to our kids in regards to the internet and modern video games... when she has already admitted that she doesn't do any of that - she doesn't even know what LOL means. Wow.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Scrabulous on Facebook

So, I'm digging my Facebook page a lot lately. I'm regularly updating my Eric Bolstridge is... tag, Playing Scrabulous with a bunch of folks (okay, mostly just my wife), posting my Pandora stations and songlists, and even playing around with cutesy little Fluff friends.

So far I've found about half of the silly applications you can add to your Facebook page to be dumb or only only fun for the first time you set it up. But the other half are actually kinda fun!